Menzza II Begins Rebuilding after war between Tesboom and Pirates

- Myles Nicholas, Menzza II Correspondent writes:

Menzza II Begins Rebuilding after war between Tesboom and Pirates

After -1minutes, hostilities have seemingly drawn to an end on Menzza II. The turmoil of the engagement claimed 1,126 lives on both sides of the line.

Early estimates report units and 84 facilities were destroyed on both sides of the fighting. Debris litters the ground and smoke fills the sky from the fires across Menzza II remaining from the long battle.

The combat began 08/03/2019 at 19:45 when Tesboom forces clashed with Pirates forces. It was unclear at the start of the battle how devastating it would be on Menzza II. Humanitarian efforts dispatched from the Galactic Senate are underway.

"The sight of the destruction is amazing. It is hard to imagine the loss of life from this encounter.", one spokesperson from the GTC reported.It is reported that 2,298,478 jobs have been removed from the economy of Menzza II and 2,032,165 homes have been destroyed.

"The economical strain on Menzza II will be huge for quite a while. The rebuilding process will take a lot of time.", the GTC spokesperson stated.

It is still unclear whether this decline in hostilities is permanent or if it is only temporary. While relations remain strained between the warring factions, everything remains uncertain.