Planetary Warfare Begins!

- Jeffrey Rossi, Vexus Correspondent writes:

Pirates and Fragged begin battle on surface of

Breaking News from Vexus! Reporters on the ground have confirmed that fighting has broken out between Pirates and Fragged on the surface of Vexus as their bloody war progresses. Military analysts are unsure who will prevail this early in the fight but are certain that the winner of this battle will undoubtedly become the undisputed owner of Vexus.

Casualty figures cannot be confirmed at this time as the fight has only just begun but hopefully the death toll will remain low as the fight ensues and innocent civilians will not get caught up in the crossfire between these two combatants. GNS News hopes for the best as the citizens of Vexus persevere through these attacks and hopefully peace will be restored to Vexus in the near future!