Disaster Stikes Radsma III!

- Jeffrey Rossi, Radsma III Correspondent writes:

Contact has been lost with Radsma III

This is a breaking news bulletin from GNS News. Our main offices have lost contact with our observers inside Radsma III and predict the worst to have occurred. The colony was part of empire and was believed to have been lost because of destruction. We here at GNS news extend our condolences for the family and friends of those who may have been lost as a result of Radsma III's demise and we extend our deepest sincerity to the families of our own reporters as we all begin to mourn the loss of such good people. Its a shame that such good people were lost as a result of destruction and we wonder how this turn of events may effect as they continue to rule their empire elsewhere. Stay tuned as we continue to follow the story and continue our investigation into the reasons behind Radsma III's downfall.