Cisllo Calms

- Alayna Robertson, Cisllo Correspondent writes:

Cisllo Calms

After 14 minutes, hostilities have seemingly drawn to an end in Cisllo. The turmoil of the engagement claimed 1,388 lives on both sides of the line.

The combat began 02/28/2020 at 12:00 when Pirates forces clashed with Agatian forces. It was unclear at the start of the battle how devastating it would be. The wreckage left in the space lanes will be an issue for quite a while as crews begin the salvage process.

It is unclear the costs of the battle in monetary amounts and how far the conflict will set back the civilizations of the sides involved. As more than 56 military assets are left in ruin floating in space, it will remain uncertain how both sides of the conflict will rebound.

It is still unclear whether this decline in hostilities is permanent or if it is only temporary. While relations remain strained between the warring factions, everything remains uncertain.