Welcome to After Protocol!

After Protocol is an MMORTS based on the sourcecode of Beyond Protocol.

As a player you are allowed to colonize unlimited planets in a growing universe on one single persistent server. Mine your minerals, research your alloys, build your power.
You can sign up here, and visit our community forums here!

Server Status:

Server is Online!

Galactic News:

GNS: Alga VIII Begins Rebuilding

- Martin Peters, Alga VIII Correspondent writes:
Alga VIII Begins Rebuilding

GNS: Cogsni Calms

- Jasmine Gifford, Cogsni Correspondent writes:
Cogsni Calms

GNS: Death Toll Rises on Alga VIII

- Keith Vargas, Alga VIII Correspondent writes:
Death Toll Rises on Alga VIII

GNS: Epic Conflict in Cogsni

- Deborah Deluca, Cogsni Correspondent writes:
Epic Conflict in Cogsni


- Memphis Muir, Alga VIII Correspondent writes:

GNS: Skirmishes Begin in Cogsni

- Russell Hoffmann, Cogsni Correspondent writes:
Skirmishes Begin in Cogsni

GNS: DiebS makes significant acquisition!

- Jeffrey Rossi, Lucsce V Correspondent writes:
DiebS becomes majority owner of Lucsce V!

GNS: Decline in Combat

- Jerry Powell, Quicma V Correspondent writes:
Decline in Combat on Quicma V

GNS: Perssi XIII Returns to Peace!

- Jeffrey Rossi, Perssi XIII Correspondent writes:
Pirates and Sniv End Planetary Conflict: Citizens Rejoice!

GNS: WAR in Quicma V!

- Curtis Cruz, Quicma V Correspondent writes:
WAR in Quicma V!