GNS: WAR in Mornsa IX!

- Webster Xylander, Mornsa IX Correspondent writes:
WAR in Mornsa IX!

Hostilities continue on Mornsa IX where forces have been engaged since 12/09/2016 at 01:41 in a massive conflict for control. The death toll has reached 3 dead and numerous more wounded on both sides of this horrific engagement.

The battle, which includes forces from Amerlain fighting against elements of Pirates, has seen 0 units destroyed and over 3 facilities left in ruin. The GTC has predicted a massive strain on the economy of Mornsa IX due to this conflict. However, sources within the GTC indicate that all trade routes are still intact.

Citizens of Mornsa IX are feeling the pressure of the clash as 41,310 jobs have been removed from the economy due to damaged facilities and 203,042 homes have been demolished. Some citizens have begun the process of fleeing Mornsa IX while others are determined to weather the onslaught. One citizen stated, "This is our home. I was here when we made planetfall and saw the first cornerstones of this colony established."
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