Update from Leviso III!

- Jeffrey Rossi, Leviso III Correspondent writes:

The Epic Battle continues on Leviso III!

This is a GNS news update from Leviso III. The conflict between Doudoune and Amerlain over the possession of Leviso III continues to rage as both sides continue to take losses. The conflict began at 10/07/2018 at 04:21 and rages on into the present as each side continues to take losses.

Unofficial casualty reports from our observers inside each army put Doudoune losses at 2 and Amerlain losses at 0. Hopefully this conflict will soon be over and these two groups can put aside their differences and come to a peace agreement. GNS News will continue to follow this battle as it continues and will bring you the official casualty numbers and post-conflict report when this battle if finally over.