Cednci VI Returns to Peace!

- Jeffrey Rossi, Cednci VI Correspondent writes:

Pirates and Trpp End Planetary Conflict: Citizens Rejoice!

Our observers on the ground of Cednci VI are reporting an end to the conflict between Pirates and Trpp. This bloody conflict began at 02/23/2019 at 17:53 and lasted 5minutes. Citizens of Cednci VI lost much in the conflict and are filled with mixed emotions of joy and sadness as they begin to pick up the pieces of what?s left of their homes as they attempt to rebuild what they lost in the conflict.

Military observers report that between both sides 32 were destroyed and many great soldiers were lost in the field of battle. Hopefully this bloody conflict will serve as an example to other empires of the consequences of war and what terrible turmoil it can bring to those who are not ready for it. GNS News will continue to follow Pirates and Trpp as they continue their conflict but hopefully this war will soon be brought to an end and peace will be restored between these two groups.

GNS news extend their condolences to the families and friends of those who lost loved ones in this battle and hopes for a swift end to the conflict so that those affected by the war can begin the process of healing.